Before the days of “IRL,” and live streaming, came an original show, featuring live music, local artists, entertainment, and a variety of subject matter. Artist, Designer, & Producer, Justin K. Hite brings the popular and controversial YouTube show "J:10 Studios Presents: Eleventh Hour."  

Inspired by Comedy Central's "Late Night With Dave Attel," and MTV star Bam Margera's independent films, "CKY," "Haggard," and MTV's "Jackass," "J:10 Studios Presents: Eleventh Hour," was self-filmed and edited by artist, Justin K. Hite, delivering high doses of electricity, moments of comedic uncertainty, abstract creative content, and recurring characters in the Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Live Music, Art & Nightlife scene.

(2012, J:10 STUDIOS)

Live Music, Local Cincinnati Artists, and mixed Variety.



"Eleventh Hour," visits Clifton Heights for The Heights Music Festival. Featuring interviews and live performances by Mad Anthony, and Lemon Sky.

Featuring:  Mad Anthony, Lemon Sky

"J:10 Studios Presents: Eleventh Hour," visits The Madison Theater in Covington, KY. Local band, The Desert Gun reveal the origin of their band, the time they met Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, and how their music is much like a Grand Slam breakfast from Denny's. (Music, Arts & Entertainment, Comedy) Mild Profanity, Adult Content.

Featuring:  The Desert Gun

"J:10 Studios Presents: Eleventh Hour" travels to the Ohio River for the WEBN fireworks, as we catch up with Northern Kentucky rock band, OSO Bear. J:10 enjoys some Moonshine, courtesy of some Kentucky festivities!

Featuring:  OSO Bear

J:10 Studios travels to Mainstay Rock Bar in Cincinnati, OH to see punk rockers, Switchblade Syndicate, as various friends become victims of "The Mickey's Challenge,"

Featuring:  Switchblade Syndicate

The J:10 crew heads through downtown Cincinnati and Newport, KY to catch punk rockers, The Dopamines. Lewis introduces the world to "Nightcrawlers," and manages to piss off everyone in sight.

Featuring:  The Dopamines




GN’R 2011/2012 World Tour, live from US Bank Arena (Cincinnati, OH, USA.)

Featuring:  Guns N' Roses


J:10 Studios presents: Eleventh Hour In this segment, J:10 travels alone through the USS Nightmare, one of America's best Haunted Attractions! A look behind the scenes and inside the boat that will scare the ship out of you!


J:10 Studios presents: Eleventh Hour We visit the Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres in Pataskala, OH. Amanda is blessed as the next demon child.

Featuring:  Gina Heartless


In this episode of "Eleventh Hour," we travel to the city of New Orleans, venture onto Bourbon St., witness the game of Ring Toss (beads), and of course indulge in lots of alcohol. Not recommended for people under the age of 18.

This week on "Eleventh Hour," we catch up with Cincinnati band, OSO Bear, as they share their favorite bands, venues, and stories in the Cincinnati - Northern KY region.

Featuring:  OSO Bear

This week we visit Covington, KY for the Art's Bizzarre art show @ Leapin Lizard for the Ricky Henry 8-Bit Pop presentation, preview the newest bar in the Art's District, "Therapy," and also review Self-Diploma's SLAM! Concert Series @ Ft. Square in Cincinnati, featuring Cleveland rapper, "Chip Tha Ripper!"

Featuring:  Chip Tha Ripper (aka King Chip), Artist/Musician Ricky Henry, Andrew Gould

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The Josh calls Lewis to share his sentiments on the day. You can find the Josh on "J:10 Studios Presents: Eleventh Hour."

Fight Club. Drunk.

Teaser Clip:  J:10 Studios presents, "Eleventh Hour," from Cincinnati, OH. Featuring Guns N' Roses!

Eleventh Hour- documenting the awesome times of my life. Episode 1 is titled "Crazy Day," a day in my life. Really, it's just a random day, filled with trips to Cincinnati OH, and Covington KY. Friends, music, beer, and good times! This literally became what is now "Eleventh Hour."

Hype video:  Response to Jenna Marbles original video, "What Boys Do On The Internet," and quick plug for "J:10 Studios Presents: Eleventh Hour."