Reflecting on the Year 2010


First post of the year, first blog in a while. Just a few things I want to get out there. I couldn’t be happier about the way things went for me in 2010. I really gave it everything I had, and worked so very hard, and was rewarded greatly. I accomplished nearly everything I set fourth to do in the year, namely, graduating with my degree and excelling at every level in the program I elected.

I learned a lot about myself last year. I’m tenacious, and willing to put up a fight. I learned that I have everything I need to get where it is I want to be. I have the best friends in the world, and I also learned that there is really not much of a line between those friends and family, because those friends ARE my family, and I’m grateful for that.

Seeing two of my best friends get married, and being a big part of that meant the world to me. One of the most rewarding things I’ve been fortunate enough to do. Josh and Ricci, you guys have everything I’ve ever wanted out of a relationship, in each other.

A tough lesson I learned over the year is when to let go. I always prided myself on being one to “never ever give up, ever.” There comes a point where you have to know the difference between “giving up,” and saving yourself to fight another day. Having said that, I’ll fight another day. Yet, I’ll never give up. Ever.

If I can say anything about last year, it has less to do with a calendar that reads a particular year, (2010), and more to do with what time really is, which is a canvas where all of our experiences are plastered and splattered about, like paint spraying and dripping out of a bottle. None of us could look back over the last 360 days and have planned 80% of it to have resulted the way it did. But that’s the whole point of it. To hell with planning out my life. I know what i want, and I’ll have it when the time is right, and that’s not up to me to decided. It’s up to life, and that 80% of unexpectedness that none of us plan for.

Random things I’m still geeking out over from 2010: Delivering the Commencement speech at Graduation in June, Getting to visit Florida for the first time and the Dali museum, my new iPhone 4, all the ink I now have on my body (thanks to mister J @ Red Dragon), Notre Dame football, Axl and Duff reuniting in London on stage, recording new music with Josh and Ben, and all the love I’ve gotten, lol.

There is one thing I didn’t get in 2010, and I’m aiming for it. Guns ablazing. So look out.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year to all of my friends and family out there.

// Justin