10 Facts at 3AM

...and begin random 3AM typing…

So, I’ve admitted to myself that I’m a starving artist, by definition.  I guess I’ve finally made it.  The few good friends I have, I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I want to keep experiencing new places, cultures, and life moments. 

I love when I fail.  I love when I fail and I don’t have someone in my ear, nagging me, and asking for explanations as to why I’ve failed.  I love knowing that one of the part’s of life they don’t explain is that you’re supposed to fail.

Most of my friends have babies, wives, husbands, or they’re divorcees.  I like knowing that I’m neither of these.

I still love music as much as I love life.  I haven’t written or recorded music in almost 2 years.  I feel like Dr. Dre or Axl Rose, during the mid-2000’s.

I’m beginning to think I’m not really a graphic designer, or that I don’t really want to be called one.  I’d rather you called me an artist, or maybe even a Media entrepreneur.  I care more about making videos than I do learning about web-design, (which I hate).

This isn’t exactly the blog I’ve waited 6 months to make, but fuck it.  Here are 10 random facts about Me:


1.  If I see something that catches my eye, I’ll go for it

2.  I’ve never been thrown a surprise party, (which is bullshit, considering all the parties I’ve thrown, myself).

3.  I love pizza.  A lot.

4.  I love my mom.

5.  If we can have an intellectual conversation, I'll probably stick around.

6.  If your phone rings during dinner, I’m probably more pissed than you know.

7.  If you love Halloween, we'll get along.

8.  Sometimes I escape into my art, and tend to wander off.  If you don’t understand this, or you stand against it, you have no chance with me.

9.  I feel like everybody’s married or has kids, or wants it tomorrow.  I don’t. (Yet).

10.  Of all the things in the entire world, nothing makes me more happy than knowing that I’m working my ass off, every single day (since I can remember), I can’t guarantee success, a nice car, or a mansion, but I know that I get the satisfaction of knowing I’m being true to myself- that one day, if it’s meant to be, it will all fall into place.

First blog in 6 months.  I don’t deserve an Oscar, but at least I got it in.