"Free Drinks All Night."

Money makes the world go ‘round.  As long as everyone’s getting paid, everyone’s likely getting laid.  Too cliche’?  Just go to your nearest bar, or better yet, your most hopping club.  As long as I have a job and can afford a gym membership and have a condo in Mt. Adams, I can probably pay for my new tattoo and bring home the most platinum blonde, sexy-bodied girl I can find at the bar.  Free drinks all night.

Where am I going with this?  I don’t know, but I see it every time I go out.  And it makes me wonder, do I need this career job to make my life better, or so I can squander women over like I see it happen every night?  Free drinks all night.

I could personally care less.  I mean, getting hot ass, every night by a different girl seems like a bachelor’s dream.  But in reality, I guess I’ve always been after something more finite.  Something worth fighting for.  Maybe I’m the one who’s cliche’?  Maybe i’m an old-timer.  Old fashioned guy.

Tonight I encountered an old friend who’s had the misopportunity of burying his father, a couple who have decided to wed, and a young lady who showed her disgust in the fact that no man in her eyes is capable of being loyal.  To me, I think it’s a circus.  My biological father has never been a dad, I’ve contemplated over and over again marriage (which has faltered, and also teased truth at the same time- yet I remain undecided), and as for being loyal, that’s laughable.  The most simple concept, in MY mind.  I’m not sure MTV would agree.

I’m wondering what keeps us ticking as human beings.  Is it the thought of fucking the woman of the night that keeps men on their toes, and people in the gym?  Is it the wonder of raising a family?  Is it possible that women generally seek that special man to wreck their lives (temporarily), so they can have something to keep them occupied while at work all week?  Free drinks all night.

Really America.  What is it you’ve been taught?  Then love’s not enough.  When will money be objectified and let go from the realm of things that truly matter?  Thank you Paris Hilton.  Thank you Jersey Shore.  What models we have.