How I've Quit Smoking w/ The E-Cigarette

Okay, here we go.

I wanted to reduce my smoking, if not, eliminate it altogether. I had heard of vaporizers and e-cigarettes through a few people. And, after researching long and hard (Thank you, Vapor Talk), I decided to go with the unanimous winner, the Joye 510. After receiving a defective battery upon arrival, ecigexpress immediately shipped me a new part, and I was off on my journey.

First day - I was weirded out, and unsure of how to use the “ecig.” I had no idea how to maintain the device, and frankly was lost. (Thank you again Chris & VT for the info and guidance)…

First week - I was getting used to it, and eventually took the device out for a night. Too bad for me it was Graduation night from college, and by 10pm @ the bar/afterparty, my battery was DEAD! I smoked about 3 analog/reg cigs that night, and ewwww. Glad that experience is over.

2/4 weeks - Getting used to charging the device habitually before i go to sleep, rotating the batteries and atomizers out habitually.

*Began having problems with 1st atomizer.

*Attempted cleaning methods in alcohol and hot water (almost to a boil)

*Began experiencing clogged atomizers, floods, etc., while out for drinks and such. This is the WORST!

Into my 5th week - Definitely love the vaporizer, and the only 2 occasions I have smoked a regular cigarette, I was out at a bar and my batteries were dead. Which SUCKS. Let me stress to you, SUCKS.

I’m a little more than half way through my 1st nicotine bottle (24mg bottle of Ry-4, 30mL bottle). Considering which flavor to try next. I dont want to waste my money with a novelty flavor, but looking to maybe try something dif. Ry-4 tastes great, but i’m tempted by all the other flavors.

I would highly recommend this product. I have essentially eliminated “regular cigarettes from my life. Day to day, life is better. I can breathe better, exercise longer (byfar), i smell better, and can take a few puffs off of my vaporizer every now & again, and that’s that. No need to go out & chief down a cigarette anymore.

I’ve recommended the product to a lot of friends, and I seemingly cant have a drink anywhere without having to explain why i have a blue LED illuminating from the end of a fake cigarette, lol. BUT- I try to keep in mind that for every person who inquires about it, I may save people from smoking regular cigarettes, and that to me is worth it. It’s also a nice conversation starter.

So, that’s my review of the Joye 510, which I purchased here:

for about $45, with a special promo discount I found with a google search.  I also purchased a bottle of Caramel/Vanilla flavored “e-juice” for $15 with my order, and received free shipping.

34 days free of smoking “regular cigarettes”

$82 saved from buying packs.

340 cigarettes avoided.

(I’d say I made a good decision)


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