Laying in bed and can’t sleep. Thinking of the road I’ve traveled to get here. All the cities I’ve been fortunate to visit, the people I’ve met along the way. The triumphs and dark places I’ve made it through, and ultimately, the road ahead.

Looking behind myself, I see everyone who has influenced me. The best of friends, and those who left a nasty scar. Perhaps some of those i would rather forget. But I wouldn’t be HERE.

I can remember the last time I felt so spited and so nervous- the anticipation in my heart, of having so much to prove. A time in my life when I traded microphones and guitars for academics, travel, and career. It was a true shedding of skin. One that I wasn’t even completely sure of.

So much has changed, I barely recognize who I see in the mirror sometimes, as pictures of the past appear as relics and nostalgia. It’s easy to get lost in those memories sometimes.

Now I find myself in that same place, yet again. So much to prove. So much to see. The need to earn it all over again.

Shedding skin.

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