My So-Called Life.

10 years ago I graduated high school, and set foot into the great big, white world.

9 years ago, I began playing in a rock band, and went on to create some of the happiest and proudest moments of my life..

8 years ago, I released an album. A real piece of artwork that found it’s way into the hands and hearts of those who would appreciate it.

6 years ago, the band broke up, and I found myself lost and confused, leading me to a world of bars, women, late-nights, and what we’d all call the mid-20’s disaster.

3 years ago I made it to LA.  Lived and experienced Hollywood, and realized that what I’d always thought and dreamed did exist, in a plastic box.  And that it would be hard to fit a soul into those confines.  This is the point where I’d say I suffered my first broken heart, after Lunch on Sunset Blvd., at The Rainbow.

1 year ago, I graduated with top honors and gave the Commencement speech at our class graduation, where I experienced one of the finest moments so far in my life.

And now… I’m 28, unmarried, without children, and no real plan.  The life I thought I would have isn’t at all what I had dreamed.  In fact, it’s scarier, better, worse, at times dull, yet at times ever-going and filled with endless activity.  There is always a Bengals game to go to, a band in town, or a friends band playing local, an art project to collaborate on, a photo shoot to do, a Halloween to have, or a pint of beer to share with one of the best friends I could ever ask for.

And still, I want more.  Maybe more than I thought I originally wanted.  Perhaps not even the same things I once dreamed.  Maybe the now-me looks at the younger-me, and bears a grin, smiling and acknowledging all the growing up he’s still to endure.  The broken hearts, the lessons, the joys, the little things.  Sunsets fallen upon blind eyes, tears left over in the morning, and empty canvas begging to be covered.

I’ve lived my entire life gripping the wheel so hard. 

It’s time to let loose, and let go.

santa monica