My Take on TLC's, "Anatomy & Essence of Sex"

by Justin Hite

So, I’m watching The Learning Channel, and there is a special on The Anatomy of Sex.  I’ve learned a few things.  Here are the more startling of my discoveries:

Orgasms: Women observe Men’s orgasms to confirm that men care, where as Men orgasm because they have over 300 million sperm to release.  As for women’s orgasms, they don’t need them to enjoy sex, where as men almost “need” it.

During orgasm, we match our erotic peaks by releasing loud noises, and signaling the finale of a conquest.  People admit to having a better orgasm when they “let go,” and release everything they have, versus “holding back,” perhaps because of shy feelings.

Women have sex outside of ovulation, instinctively to keep her man around.  Women do not require sex as often as men, therefor it is true to the saying that the woman is the gatekeeper.  

The most sexual of all the senses- smell.  We release a smell that is only recognized by the brain.  It’s reciprocated by both sexes, and we don’t even realize how that smell is pumped into the brain, and triggers us into being “turned on,” which is short for saying, “the urge to reproduce.”  The smell of your lover could be what turns you on the most.

There is evidence that proves the way we smell is related to what kind of immunity we have to fight disease in our immune system.  Therefore, women are turned on by the smell of a man who will help produce the best genes for her children.  Even more interesting is the fact that women are turned off completely by the smell of a man who closely resembles that of her father, or close siblings.  Why?  Again, there is correlation between our smell and our immune system.  The same genes will produce less resilient genes in children.  This also explains why we turn our heads at having sex with family members.  Not only is it morally wrong, but our instincts will not allow us to reproduce because of the negative genes we would pass on.

Cat-scans show that 1 in 5 men are turned on by stress, anxiety, and sadness.  It’s a trigger to being aroused.  Some men are stimulated by fear.  It gets their blood pumping.  This leads to arousal.

We all have identifiable physical features in our sexual counterparts.  This means that there are extremely physical body parts that we want from the other.  It’s not alwasy what’s on the inside.

The French refered to orgasm as, “The small death.”  Buddhists and Monks claim that the release of orgasm signified the wasting of the seed, unless for reproduction.  Some ancients believed that the man’s seed was limited by number.

Genetic clues by feature that we look for in another: Facial expression.  Sometimes the first look into someones eyes - ever, can subconsciecely be more than enough information to know this is who we want to be with for an entire lifetime.  Typically, we have an idea who we will wind up with, as part of the Selection Process.  We secretly “go for,” who we feel we match up with best in the end.  This happens before we even realize it on a conscious level.

The most attractive physical feature in a man:  The penis.  Women years for a man with strong genitalia, that which will push deep inside her and have a better chance of fertilizing her egg.  It’s true that smaller sized penis’ have a lesser chance in reproduction.  Studies were gathered by observing both humans, and chimps and gorilla’s, alike.  Members with smaller genitalia had a harder time finding a mate, and reproducing.

Women look healthier, and are 80% more attractive (in blind research), to males, during ovulation.  This means, subconsciously, men yearn to reproduce, as instinct.  When the female is in the middle of her cycle, and her egg is ready, both sexes subconsciously want it fertilize.  We fight this instinct, but the signs all point to it.

What do men respond to most in a woman?  Is it breasts, butt, eyes, lips? No, it’s actually waist and movement.  Again, men seek a healthy female to bear children.  The waist, 7/10ths the size of the hips.

Estrogen implies sexual compatibility.  For men, in more blind research, they are more attracted to women with higher voice.  Higher voices equals younger, more fertile, healthier, and more exciting.  Also, women show signs of each during ovulation.  That’s right, ovulation changes each of these circumstances.  So when women are in the middle of their cycle, the tone in their voices becomes slightly higher, which triggers the man.

Woman are attracted to men with deeper voices, because they define this trait as being stronger, and able to provide.

What goes beyond personal appearance for a woman?  Women seek status from a man.  More blind research shows that men who scored sky-high on a 10-scale, based on looks alone, scored dramatically low when women were told these same men didn’t make much money.  Just the opposite, men who were deemed unattractive scored increasingly higher when women were told the man’s salary was quadrupled.  Again, this is blind research, pictures of the same men, with different status applied.  Money and power are effective traits women seek for security.

Women are turned on by the car a man drives.  These status notes demonstrate that women will gladly substitute looks for other categories, when searching for a life partner, leading to reproduction.  

In the end, I learned a lot by watching the program.  Most of what we do is on a subconscious level.  If you have a loved one, it’s probably more of an instinctive love that the two of you could share.  Physical features in a person may at first attract you, but what you don’t realize is that there were subconscious things going on in your head from the very first time you ever met eyes with that person.

Sex, (although in today’s society can be quite meaningless, other than physical) is actually the basic essential need to want to fertilize.  Men have an abundance of sperm, and aren’t in need of selecting just one partner.  Perhaps infidelity lies somewhere within this reason.  Women need to select that one perfect match to raise her young, and men feel the need to spread their seed with as many partners available.

Obviously, when selecting a life partner, in marriage, we are asked to commit to that one person, effectively for the rest of our lives.  The factual evidence in our sexual tendencies show that we’re yearning to start families, and raise our young.  Both men and women want this, but have different factors going into this equation.  

That’s quite enough information for this 26 year old male to consider for today.