"Waking in the Valley"

Tonight I lay my head and vent.
Is what I’ve done, just what I’ve meant?
Or if all the words I’ve said amount to the feelings that I’ve spent.
Have I served my time in solitude?
Or prepared myself a place?

Broken-open-hearted, I’ve stitched myself and learned to live this life again. To touch, to light, to feel, to fight. To understand- for wrong or right.
Still, I lie alone in bed. That special star that lies ahead.
Right above my bed.

Vicarious, envy-smitten lips- Steal me like a thief at night. For, the fury in my heart wont compare to the battle, tested in these arms. Or the fight in these eyes. A fight I’ve yet to lose.

Awake in the Valley. I refuse to settle. Or lose. In a showdown.