Writing, Phase 1. Again.

Phase 1, Again. (6.23.09)

Justin Hite [justinhite.com]

Over the years, I would like to think that my writing style has changed drastically.  Of 
course, much of what I’ve written about comes from personal experience.  Life stories, 
challenges, current events, and even other sources of text-related materials all have 
influenced me as a writer.

Some of my favorite experiences happen on the go, so to speak.  Interesting people that I meet, almost daily it seems, come into my life, and I become inspired by them to say something.  Sometimes I get creative in the ways that I channel my message.  Jotting down a few things here and there, jumbled words on napkins, and barely-legible text messages saved on my phone all serve to be great material to start with.

I love writing free-style, with no limits or parameters.  After years and years of 
"staying within the lines," I have finally come to a place where I like to just spew out 
"word vomit," for lack of a better term.  This happens when I feel the urge to just "get 
it all out.”  I like the fact that I can just phrase what I want to express with no rules 
or boundaries.

Building an audience would be the final thing I would mention at this point.  As I began  writing blog posts online, I discovered more people reading the entires each time, and  soon I realized I had a small, but reliable audience.  I began taking what i wrote a bit  more serious, however not much more was needed, as I already maintained a sense of  integrity with my purpose.  I believe now it’s going full-circle, as I find myself back  in Composition II.  The rules of writing return from the dead.