DATING AN ARTIST: Love Beyond 30


Fresh off the heels of Valentine’s Day, we go into the sometimes complicating life of dating an artist.


Have you dated a creative person?  Are you one of the afflicted?  Perhaps it’s like being trapped in a shark tank for both parties.  Common relationship challenges such as Financial Instability, Narcissism, Trust Issues (Infidelity), among other issues are cited.  So what’s the trick to making it work, and what exactly is it that we, as artists are thinking during the course of a relationship?


Dating into one’s 30’s proves to be yet another challenge, (not just for artists).  Everyone is having babies!  Justin goes on a Tinder date.  Two heavy metal concerts in one week! (Every Time I Die, August Burns Red, Protest The Hero, ’68), All of this and more on today’s episode!


"Top 10 Reasons Relationships Fail" (Psychology Today)

"Four Reasons Why It's A Bad Idea To Date An Artist" (Art Nouveau Magazine)

"6 Reasons Why Relationship With A Creative Mind Will Never Work!" (Shaiju Mathew)
Shaiju Mathew is an Indian author, social media strategist, blogger, reviewer, screenplay writer, and short film director, known for his 2010 book Knocked Up and short film Planchette. For more information please visit his webpage or blog You can also check him out on Wikipedia (


A few of the fine bands I saw live this past week! (As mentioned in this episode of "The Failed Artist" podcast.

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