"IT'S FIENDISH, BITCH!" (Part 1) with Guitarist Joshua Deaton

Raised like heathens without parents, conflicted morally and ethically, five (six) teenagers learn to battle and survive in the real world, while destroying everything in their path, and ultimately each other.

Hear the story from the point of view of Fiendish guitarist Joshua Deaton, as he and Justin share the details and events the lead to the rise and fall of the heaviest band to ever emerge from Northern Kentucky.

In Part 1 (of 2), Josh chronicles the early days of jamming in “the garage,” his decision to drop out of high school and get a full time job, how he learned to survive as a 14 year old who would eventually find his way playing live shows in front of hundreds of people, into young adulthood, and writing an album in the recording studio that would be talked about over a decade later.