BOTTOMED OUT (When You Hit The Wall)

I moved to a new city to take a creative position, overworked myself with two jobs, gained weight, exhausted myself, and my relationship and health declined and faltered.  Here is that story:


- Rebranding my business. 

- Working w/ a major client for my independent business

- Creating & running a successful Creative Dept. as a Full-Time job.

- The mental toll it all took.

- Long distance relationships & the decline of mine.

- How my physical and mental condition deteriorated.


How I changed it:  

- Diet, gym, left the day job.

-Meeting new people in a new city.

- Networking and socializing at work


How life changes from 20’s to 30’s:

- Cutting your “friends circle” down & “declutterization”

- Creating a new, separate IG for personal use.

- Dating Apps, and why they suck.



- The Starbucks pink unicorn drink (rant)


“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”