ROCK N’ ROLL (with Joshua Deaton)

Rock N’ Roll has touched us all in strange places.  Let's explore.

• What we watched, growing up as teens on MTV
• Nirvana and the mid-90’s alt/grunge era (middle school, for us!)
• The predecessors of the time (hard rock, glam, and heavy metal)
• MTV’s “TRL,” and the “Return of The Rock,” (new metal / Nu-Metal)
• Pantera and “real metal,” vs. the trendy metal
• Influences in Rock N’ Roll, and “the measuring stick”
• What makes a “good” metal band appealing? (Technical Skill vs. Art/Aesthetic)
• Random takes on TwentyOnePilots, and a lot of current “trendy” bands. 
• Album artwork & Music Videos

In the second half of the show, we play a game of “YouTube Roulette,” and comment on some of the videos that appear on a random, infinite rock music video playlist!  (Shoutout Beavis & Butthead)